Excellence Plus Underlay

Excellence Plus Underlay


BerryAlloc® UNDERLAYS are designed to improve your living comfort and will contribute to a perfect installation of your new Laminate floor.


BerryAlloc® underlays have the same high quality standards as our Laminate flooring and are multifunctional:

- They reduce the transit sound by a minimum of 19 dB
- They correct unevenness in your subfloor so you have a level base to install the floor on
- They always have an integrated moisture barrier to keep any seasonal changes in humidity in your subfloor from damaging your laminate.


  • Product Specification

    Excellence Plus is an underlay with very high sound reduction qualities that is perfect for floor heating / cooling.


    Dimensions 10m2 per roll



    Compatible with underfloor heating/cooling


    Reduces impact sound by -21 db





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